Welcome to 2012

Latest release: “Welcome to My Life of Doom”. Pearson, January, 2012.

Happy 2012!  In a bizarre twist of thought it seems like no time since I was here – and yet it seems like forever.

In fact it has been forever, and for that I apologise  – again!

Last year ended up crazy busy and this month has been no different. In all that business has been some great news though, (more on that next post), which has given me a great mental boost to shoot me into 2012. 

So far, I’m really happy with 2012.  I feel determined and strong and focussed. I have great SMART goals in place and I also have monthly, weekly and daily goals that are keeping me on track. If it sounds very structured, then I guess maybe it is – but as I examine my processes and my needs more closely, I realise I need structure. I’m someone who works well to deadlines, for example. I work well to lists. They become a challenge and I always need to meet a challenge.

I KNOW I’ll get to the end end of this year and say, ‘where has this year gone?‘ But for once, when I ask myself if I accomplished everything I wanted to in that year, I want to be able to say ‘yes’. Or at least be happy that I accomplished MOST of it.

 On that note, I’m saying here quite publicly, that for me, this is the Year of Organisation. For the Chinese it’s the Year of the Dragon – for me – it’s organisation.

Of course, that will ensure that I am sensible about my goals; hopefully having some that will both challenge me, but yet be attainable if I work hard. (And if everything else in my life doesn’t turn upside down!!!)

I’ll be literally keeping you posted as the year continues, but for now please help me celebrate a surprise I came across just yesterday, that has added even more glitter to my lovely January. And that is the relase of my latest book, Welcome to My Life of Doom.

 I have to say this is one my fave kids books, but as yet, I haven’t even seen a copy! I actually found this on the net by accident and the listed release date of January 9th, which also happens to be a special family birthday. 

It’s a silly romp, of course -LOL –  and I hope the kids who read it will have as much fun as I did writing it. And as bizarre as it sounds, even though I didn’t realise it had already been released, just the day before I was shopping, and found something (again by accident) that I just had to buy to celebrate the release of this book!

There’s a funny scene in the book that refers to the Tuff’n’Up Boxing Studio, and when I saw this plastic boxing glove filled with marshmallows – I knew I had to have it.

Well, let me clarify by saying I knew I had to have it for one of you!

It’s the giveaway that accompanies the release, and anyone who drops by to comment in the next few weeks will go in the draw!

So, whether you just stop by to say ‘hi’ or whether you want to share how you feel about the upcoming year, I’d still love for you to drop in. And don’t forget, you get to go in the draw for this rather Kookie prize of a boxing glove filled with marshmallows! I love it – I hope you do as well!

Till then, have a Happy Australia Day, and happy Writing!

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6 Responses to Welcome to 2012

  1. Jodie C says:

    Congratulations Kerri! What a nice start to 2012. The book looks like it will be a fun read – as always!

  2. Dorothy Boile says:

    I’m with you on organisation, Kerri! I live my life via lists and while some find it constricting, I find it liberating because it keeps me on top of everything, therefore it relieves stress. In my life that’s essential and I hope it works well for you.

    Good luck with the new book! It looks like it’ll be a treat!
    Must say, I’m rather intrigued by your ‘other news’ though…

  3. Kerri/Kaz says:

    Yes! Organisation – it’s going to be the keystone of my life. And I have to admit, that when I tally up this month and what I’ve achieved, I haven’t done too badly. And i don’t just mean writing. I feel I’ve acccomplished a lot this month, from learning new things about this new computer system to acting on things I’ve wanted to put into place for a long time. But then again, I’m alwaysa good at first – then I peter out… I always go too hard.. Fingers crossed this burst of motivational activity continues!

    And the ‘other news’? LOL. That was mean, wasn’t it? Sorry. I’ll announce here in a day or so, but if you want a sneak peek, I actually announced it over at the Kaz site. http://kazdelaney.wordpress.com

  4. Annie West says:

    Kerri, the year of organisation sounds scary but well worth it. Maybe I can take a leaf out of your book and organise myself better in 2012. This new book looks a hoot!

  5. Kerri/Kaz says:

    Thanks Annie – and sorry I didn’t get to reply to you sooner!

    Strangely the thought of being more focussed and organised is actually exciting me. With each passing day I become more and more convinced that I really DO have OCD!!) Wasting time – which is something else I’m very good at is a huge stress to me, even though I do it so well!!!

    Good luck with your own organisation plans – though you always seem to have everything quietly and calmly ‘together’.

    And thanks too on the congrats on the new book. It finally arrived – and it really is a fun read – even if I do say so myself…

    Thank you so much for dropping in – I really appreciate your time.

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