Star of the Month

It’s coming!!



I’ve met so many great young writers in my travels, and I’ve listened to your stories of dreaming of one day becoming a published author.

My advice to you is always the same: Don’t give up the dream. And to keep that hope and dream alive, I always tell you to Keep Writing! And just as important – keep reading!

To help you with the writing part, I’m going to be sponsoring a monthly writing competition for all young writers who are studying in Year 3 to Year 6.  In this competition, I ask that you submit a story – any story – that is no longer than 3 pages or approx 750 words.  You can submit this via my email address – so you don’t even have to go to the Post Office and buy a stamp! How easy is that!

I don’t mind what the story is about, or even how short it is! As long as it has a main character who is interesting, and to whom something interesting happens, and finishes with  nice strong conclusion.

The deadline for each month will be the last school day of the month, but don’t stress. If you miss the deadline, I’ll just move your story into the next month!  And if I happen to receive a record number of entries one month, I’ll be holding some of the entries over to the next month – so you could end up with a few chances of winning!


The competition will begin in Term 2,  2011. Each monthly winner’s story will be published in the Star of the Month page of my Blog (Or maybe my Website…)  Also, I will feature an interview with that winner on my Running With Pens blog.

The winner will also receive a Star of the Month Certificate, as well as a bundle of goodies that will be posted to their school.  Whole classes who participate will additionally receive a bundle of goodies to be shared between the participants, as well as the winner receiving his or her prize.

At the end of the year, all monthly winning stories will be printed and bound into one book, and each Monthly Star will receive a copy. Additionally, the Monthly Winner’s school will also receive a copy for the library or classroom use.

I’m really looking forward to this! I can’t wait to get started! So, watch this space. I’ll be posting specific information, like the email address and exact starting date in a few weeks.

Until then, cheers and Happy Writing!

Hugs from Kerri…