Winner announced

All the news seems to be over at Kaz  – and with good reason. Dead, Actually is released today – so we’re in full party mode. If you get a chance – pop on over and say hi. We’ve got prizes going all week.

So, while we’re in prize mode – it’s timely to announce that my Magic Top Hat picked out Michael’s name as the winner of the marshmallow filled Boxing Glove! Congratulations Michael. If you send me your deets I can post that little beast out to you. Gotta say, I’ll be sorry to see it go! It’s fabulous!

A final plug for Dead, Actually?  Check out the book trailer! Too much fun!

And also check out this month’s (March) issue of Girlfriend magazine. Dead, Actually scored a full page ad.  I have the best publishers ever. Go Team A&U.


Thank you everyone – I hope you all have a great week!

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3 Responses to Winner announced

  1. Sandra Allan says:

    So thrilled. Can’t wait to read ‘dead actually’! Congrats. Luv the cover.;)))

  2. Kerri/Kaz says:

    Thanks gorgeous girl! Love you for your support! You need to read the back part of the book, she says enigmatically…

    And come on over to the Kaz blog sometime! That’s where the part is today! LOL!

  3. Lorraine says:

    Congratulations Kaz- what a great year for you- I’ll be looking out for your books!

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