October Winners!

Status: Working on new book. Yay!

Days till release of Dead, Actually: 119 (Kaz Delaney: Allen & Unwin, March 1st 2012)

Wow – my first competition! And it was such fun!

So without ado – or with ado – whatever you prefer, it is my pleasure to to announce that :-

                                             LORRAINE MARWOOD

                                              is the October winner!

Is it steak knives? Is it choccies? Is it world trip? NO!

It’s girlie stuff! To keep or to share – whatever works best for you.

Enjoy, Lorraine and if you contact me with your addy, I can post this out to you.

And I’m very happy to announce a second prize of some Aleesah Darlison puzzle sheets and postcards – plus a Find A Word book goes to:


Again, if you contact me on kerrilane@hunterlink.net.au, I can send out your prize.  

Thank you both for supporting this blog. It is very much appreciated.

Stay tuned for the November prize announcement. Hint: “It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas… “ Tra la la. (And no, it’s not a CD of me singing Christmas Carols – so you can all heave a big sigh of relief.)

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3 Responses to October Winners!

  1. Dee White says:

    I excited await the release of Dead Actually, Kerri.

    Congratulations to Lorraine and Emma for their competition wins.

  2. Dee White says:

    That’s ‘excitedly’:)

  3. Lorraine says:

    Thank you for my win- that’s so exciting- I’m sure I’ll be able to share it with family too- thanks Kerri!

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