FUN FEATURE: Kids Day. Connundrums Riddles

I love riddles. And I love connundrums.

So, therefore I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages – and that’s include a connundrum and riddle page! And it’s going to be on Fridays! Spread the word!

The first connundrum is one that I had loads of fun experimenting with – and it’s so easy. And so amazing!

So, Question: Besides looks, how could you tell the difference between an apple and a pear?

I’m not going to give you the answer right here – you’ll have to scroll down past the riddle.  It’s more fun if you think about it for  few minutes. Isn’t it? LOL!

Riddle: Where do British Kings and Queens usually get crowned?

       A: On the head.

Riddle: How can you tell a happy motorcyclist?

       A: By the number of bugs caught in his teeth.

Connundrum answer: if you put the both into pitchers of water, the pear will float and the apple will sink.

I’ve tried it and it works! BUT – you MUST make sure you have a RIPE pear. I tried with with a greenish pear and an apple and the pear sank. Then I tried a ripe pair and a ripe apple. And just as predicted, the pear floated and the apple sank.

Who knew?

Have a great weekend.

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