Identity Crisis – the schizophrenic world of writing under two names

Over at Kaz this week we’ve been celebrating the new website and I’ve also been throwing myself on the mercy of my readers and begging forgiveness for not being a more diligent blogger. In fact on tomorrow over there, I’ll discuss why we don’t blog. The more I thought about it, the more fascinating it became. I hope you enjoy. 

However, here, I’m tackling a little problem that seems to plague me every now and then – and that’s my two separate identities. I suppose the first question to answer is why I have them? It’s not a difficult or complicated answer.  

Basically,  it’s simply that I write for two different age-groups. For many years I’ve written primary focused works – over 50 of them in fact –and I’m very grateful for the  following of beautiful young people who enjoy those works.

Then there’s the older YA stuff that incorporates topics and cultural references that are beyond those younger people, and I always felt I needed to keep those two audiences separate to some degree – and for the obvious reasons. These I write as Kaz Delaney.

So, history lesson over –  now to the dilemma: juggling  two identities and maintaining two blogs and two websites  – which means double the stress for ideas, double the comps, double the prizes.

There’s also the problem of crossover readers – those who will eventually grow up and read up. How does one take the junior readers over to the Kaz side – aka the dark side?  Mmwwhahahah…

Nah, it’s not the dark side. Just older. And I guess the most obvious is the references to each blog on the other.

But that’s only part of the problem. Like, who am I at writer or professional functions? Sometimes I need to be both! I’ve been Kaz for many years – and am comfortable with that other persona, but she was far better known in the U.S. than here in Oz. But now Kaz is making a bigger splash in Australia, that means more of a physical presence – and for the first time I’m discovering conflicts that I, naively, hadn’t expected to encounter.

So, help! Do you have two identities? (Those under the Witness Protection Program need not reply. Also exempt are those whose other names include, ‘Chopper’, ‘Slicer’ or any other form of kitchen or mutilating appliance. These are  not the dual identites to which I refer…)

But everyone else? Anyone else? How do you find the experience? Problems? Upsides?  Do you have any hints to share? Any advice?

I can’t wait to hear! And don’t forget the prize draw! I’m having so much fun with this!

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3 Responses to Identity Crisis – the schizophrenic world of writing under two names

  1. Well you know I have two identities, Kerri. Mine is for different reasoning to yours. One is writing, and one is me/designing. 🙂

    You just be you. It’s the audience that’s different, not you, and really who would want you to change.

    BTW – love the new website for Kaz! Very bling bling. 🙂


    • Kerri/Kaz says:

      You’re very wise Eleni – and so incredibly creative. But you know, thinking about what you said, maybe all of us have different identities – perhaps several – but as professionally creative people, we are just the ones who identify ourselves publicly with different names.

      I love that thought that it’s the audience who changes – not us. Wow – my day for insights. Kylie Griffin just shone light where there was previously darkness with regard to responding to blogs. If only you were all shining these wisdom torches onto these proposals I’m trying to create!!!

      Have a great weekend!

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