Revisions and lessons learned

If you’ve been following my Kaz Delaney blog – The Ditzy Diva – and I sooo hope you are  (sob…) you’ll see that I’ve had a bit of a rough time this past school term. And as I did there (at Kaz)- I apologise sincerely. I promised myself that no matter what happened, I wouldn’t blog and run – and that’s exactly what I did.  Which just goes to show I suck at promises and you should never trust me again. Ever…

But just like the time the dog ate my homework – honestly, would I lie to you? – I have plausible excuses. Both are over at Kaz though, because otherwise it gets a little bit repetitive

Anyway, after you’ve read that blog (hint, hint), you’ll know that the revisions for my YA novel Dead, Actually (Allen & Unwin, March 2012, Kaz Delaney), were accepted yesterday and we can now head into production.

As with the completion of any project though, I analysed what I’d learned from this process. As I’ve said in the other blogs, this project really challenged me for many reasons, and which is ironic because the mantra I adopted some time last year is: Obstacles are only put in front of us to test how badly we want something.

So, what did I learn?

1) Overall I learned that I am probably more resilient than I give myself credit for.  I also think we all have inner reserves we can draw on  – they’re there for us to use. We just have to suck it up and dig deeper.  Note to self…

2) I had reinforced again that it’s vital not to lose focus – literally. There were many times when curling up in the foetal position with a Jim Beam sippy bottle was all too tempting. But panicking leads to inaction (see aforementioned JB sippy bottle). Focus though, is all empowering. While on the other hand banging one’s head against the brick wall chanting ‘I can’t do this’, is not.  And it hurts. A lot.

3) And the most important lesson of all: I need to change my mantra! Talk about tempting the Gods! This was waaaaay too much fun for them…

Over it…

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One Response to Revisions and lessons learned

  1. Sandra Allan says:

    WOW!! I came, I saw, I read and I’m blown away.

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