New YA Deal

The news is over at the Kaz site today. My next YA novel will be entitled Dead, Actually and will appear under the Kaz personna, so drop over there to check out the story and all the deets.

Good news on the Kerri front is that my lovely agent Jacinta di Mase gave me two thumbs up on the next, next novel – so I’ve got all appendages crossed for that one as well. Can’t tell you much about that next one yet – other than it has to go down as one of my absolute fave YA books – funny and sweet – and with that slightly spooky thang happening! Trouble is I have a boatload of revisions to wade through for Dead Actually (which I’m really excited about), so the relatively minor revisions on the other novel have to be put on the back burner for the time being. C’est la Vie!

So, who’s working on that 36 hour day? Someone? Anyone? Come on, come on people! Faster! Faster! Busy authors in need, here!

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