Writer’s Life: Will The Cloud of Doom Lift?

It’s been a while since I posted, and this is BAD.  But I’ll get better, I promise.

So, what’s kept me away? Life. Being busy. Writing books.  Editing books… Reading Books. Studying Books. Teaching people to write book. Seeing a pattern here?

I had some great fun writing 5 new books last year – and I’ll expand more on those in upcoming posts, but most recently, like in ‘as of yesterday’, I’ve been editing. Technically, we should call it ‘rewriting’, because it was more of a rewrite than an edit.

And while I thought I loved the original version, I can see how the rewritten version will better suit the audience. That audience being boys in the 10-12 age bracket. I think the first version got a bit whimsical, but the second version is just plain, flat-out  silly – which is what I do best. Usually…

I think this book reflected the title more than any I’ve done. It’s called ‘Welcome to My Life of Doom’ -(coming out later in the year with Pearson) and it’s a title I adore. But there was a moment during the edits when I though it was destined to be my own doom!

“More doom! More doom!” was the editor’s cry. And indeed, the story needed more doom.  

But after some hairy, scary days of staring at a blank computer screen, things began to click and it all started falling into place. And, alleluia, I found Doom! Cue the celestial-themed music…

I sent the rewrites off yesterday – cause for high celebration – and now begins the wait. The verdict. Fingers crossed!!! Am I doomed? Or is the Doom Cloud lifting?

Tune in for the next episode to find out if Kerri is forced to retrn to that Dreaded Doom-Box or if that dark sucker of a doom cloud clears and she finds herself sunning hersef by the pool under a clear, cloudless, doom-free sky…

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